September 1, 2015

KTVN: Marco Rubio Stumps in Northern Nevada

Republican Presidential hopeful Marco Rubio began a campaign swing through Northern Nevada Monday night. He addressed a crowd of about 400 at the Peppermill. After outlining the problems with the country he offered his plan to fix them.

“What would happen if we could fix the┬átax code. And what would happen if we could limit regulations like I did in my budget. And what if we could use our energy resources and balance the budget to save Social Security and Medicare. And what would happen if we repealed and replaced Obama Care?” he said. “What would happen? I’ll tell you what would happen. The American people would lead an economic revolution that would change the course of the 21st century. That’s what would happen.”

He stressed the need to lower the price of education and to broaden it’s reach with vocational schools.He said immigration reform will take more fences, and more checks and balances. And he stressed the need to rebuild the military.

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