September 2, 2015

RGJ: Rubio earns local support

By Keith Trout

Although there might not be a statue of him built, as he joked early in his address, most of those attending Tuesday’s campaign stop in Yerington by Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio, a U.S. senator from Florida.

Rubio began the day with an appearance in Carson City and then upon arriving in Mason Valley he attended a barbecue lunch at the home of Jeff Rife in what originally was the annual dove hunt hosted by Marty Howard and Tony Reviglio of Mason Valley Hunt Club, where about 75 people were in attendance.

Rubio was accompanied by his campaign staff but also by Nevada Lt. Gov. Mark Hutchison, who is the chairman of the Nevada Marco Rubio presidential campaign.

From there, Rubio went to the Pioneer Crossing Convention Center, where more than 200 people awaited him to hear his remarks. The front part of the area where Rubio spoke was filled by many people standing while some others hung further to back of the room, sitting or standing.

Rubio and his staff pushed people to take caucus cards and sign up to support Rubio.

Towards the end of his address, he asked people to pledge to support him with the cards, and he said if not this time, hopefully the next time he visits.

Early in his address, Rubio, who has been touted as one of the strongest Republican candidates, spoke about being what is being reported as the first active U.S. presidential candidate to visit Yerington.

“It’s my understanding this is the first time a presidential candidate has ever visited this community. So I hope that they’re going to put a plague out there somewhere saying this is the first time anybody ever visited (Yerington as a presidential candidate),” he joked.

“Hopefully 100 years from now when people drive through (and see the statue) they won’t say, ‘Who is Marco Rubio?’ ”

Asked afterward about making this historic first visit to Yerington, Rubio said Yerington has a caucus just like Clark County and it should be as important as Clark. “A vote here is as big as a vote in Clark County.”

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