Mike Slanker

Mike Slanker is a partner and founder of November Inc. He has provided strategic consulting, creative advertising, and management to candidates, political organizations, charities, and corporations for over 25 years. Mike has run successful campaigns for Governor, U.S. Senate and Congress as well as almost every other statewide and legislative office. He is also a former Political Director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  Born and raised in Ohio, Mike got his start in politics there in 1990 and has led efforts in more than 25 states and territories since.  Mike lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his wife Lindsey and their daughters Claire and Charlotte.

Jeremy Hughes

Jeremy Hughes joined November Inc. in December 2014.

Jeremy has worked for successful local, congressional, senatorial, and gubernatorial campaigns. Most recently, Jeremy managed Governor Brian Sandoval’s re-election victory and served as a consultant for Mark Hutchison’s successful Lt. Governor campaign. In 2012, Jeremy served as Political Director for U.S. Senator Dean Heller, who was the only Republican senator to win in a state carried by President Obama.

Before coming to Nevada, Jeremy worked on races in Kentucky and Mississippi and served as Executive Director for Freedom Vote in Ohio.

Jeremy got his start with Kentucky Congressman Geoff Davis and helped oversee his 2006 Victory operation which was hailed as “one of the more impressive 72-hour task forces in the country.”

Jeremy was born and raised in Kentucky and now resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.