When Winning Matters.

Building on the success of campaigns across the country, November Inc. is well positioned to serve local, federal and statewide political campaigns in a senior consulting role. November Inc. delivers creative media, direct mail, mobile and digital communications, messaging, and strategic planning.

Meet Our Team

“Rise of Mark Hutchison… Hutchison worked hard from the get-go, and campaigned almost without a stop to get elected in 2014.” – Ray Hagar, Reno Gazette Journal

“In victory, Heller bucked a trend… Heller is the only Republican candidate in a state won by the other party’s presidential nominee to defy this trend and the only candidate to win in such a race against a well-funded opponent who did not commit a major error in the race.” – Dan Friedman, National Journal

“GOP Gov. Brian Sandoval, whose political machine and money fueled the GOP victories, enjoyed a landslide re-election..” – Laura Myers, Las Vegas Review Journal